Hello all members, Families and friends.

Follow the rules from the authorities we comeback on the mat next week.

We are start from the Summer training schedule and in August we coming with the schedule for the next Half of year and with a new payment methods what will make easier from everyone with a monthly payments,soon come some more informations about it.

We starting now with the follow rules:

-The classes have a pause 15 minutes between to make possible for the last class leave with no contact with the previous  class.

-The parents are allowed to be there only for the class on 17 (Little bears) the other kids olders the parents most leave them at the door and comeback to pick them up.

*The parents who training with us can participate in the class since they’re members.

It’s very important for everybody not come to training if they or some relatives home are sick with any cold  or symptoms to avoid any risk, just to be conscious ☺️

The Gis most be washed after every single training and also wear your rashgard and nails short,just a regular higiene normal rules.

When you arrive at academy you most clean your hands with álcool gel in the reception before any interaction with another kids.

The payment most be made at the Swish number for the academy account and will be used all for the payment of the rent of the premises where we a lot behind now.

The summer training will be from 17 of June until 22 of July.

*We have a week break to set the new payment methods and the memnycan sign for the next season.

The prices or the summer training is :

*400 kr -kids from 3/13 years old

*450 kr-teenagers from 14/17 years old.

*500 kr -Adults

The schedule:

Monday and Wednesday

17:00/17:45 -Litle bears

18:00/18:45  – Kids Bjj

19:00/ 19:45 – Teenagers Bjj

20:00/ 21:30 Adults class

*we can make a changes on the schedules, all tips are welcome.

If we get too many kids coming we can also open classes on Tuesday and Thursday, we will only allowed if maximum of 35 kids on the mat so any kid sign up after we reach that number have to be on a waiting list for the other day classes.

We take care for the best higiene is possible but we’ll know we keep our premises extremely clean as always.
If needed any other informations feel free to call me 0725131383

Or send me a message and I answer ASAP since I’m working at states institution sometimes I can answer the phone.

Looking forward to see you all on the mat.

Marcelo Santiago

Head Coach

Torslanda Kampsportcenter/Yogui Bjj School